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Crusoe's nemesis: Captain Lynch

Fulfilling childhood dreams… Johnny plays the dreaded and deadly Captain Lynch in the 2 hour pilot to this major NBC series. Audience online discussion happening at NBC includes:

"Yeah, I thought he was great!"

"Lynch was played by Jonathan Pienaar … I thought he was terrific."

"… I thought he was great in the role I googled around until I found out his name…"

The webmaster's daughter interrogates him about the role, and there is a photo

Johnny on gender

Johnny recently played a complex trans-gender role in the SABC Tv series "Hillside".

The role required him to immerse deeply in "what is woman". This unusual experience has been a deep learning. He has a rap about it with his webmaster.

Here's a clip from this unusual and demanding performance…


On The Couch

Johnny coments on writing comedy for television, how "On The Couch" happened, and playing Dr. JT.

More on the photos page and a video clip.